5 Steps to Creating Best Designed Websites

Five Steps to Creating Best Designed Websites

Website designing is one of the challenging jobs you can have; no wonder website designers are making so much money. However, there are some really nice designs that you find on the internet and a close look at some of these best designed websites will reveal that the following steps were followed during the design process.

Identify the purpose of the website

Make sure that you have a well-defined purpose for the website, stated in very specific terms. With this purpose in mind and keeping it throughout the design process, you will be able to come up with a nice design.

Stay focused

Ensure that you are not distracted from the main purpose such that everything you include in the website is geared towards helping achieve that purpose. For example, if your website is aimed at providing information about affiliate marketing as a way of making money working online from home, then every section should have some information in this line. You should then create a section where the visitor can get more information about the subject.

Keep it simple

Colors and pictures are a great asset if you were to make your website great. However excessive use of these features will only make your website look more cramped that any visitor would want to get of any website. So balance the use of everything; a little text here, an image there and some colors to back each of them.

Create sections

While creating your website, create different sections for different content. Let the visitors know where to go to get a specific bit of information. This should apply to both in the page and within the website such that if some information cannot be given at a section of a given page, you design a different page for it.

Create effective links

Your website is having several pages, some of which are long and with several sections. You should therefore create links that visitors can use to jump to the other pages from every page. Create links to also help the visitors navigate to the different sections within the same page. If you are having many pages on your website, the visitor may get confused upon clicking many links. You should therefore help them know where they are at any time by showing them how they got where they are or in which section of the website they are in.

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