A Closer Look at Air Filters From Malaysia

Malaysia is a natural place for air filter manufacture. The entire country is rising on the technology curve. There are a number of young Malaysians who are highly trained in technology and science - many of whom have been educated abroad in places like the U.S. or U.K. However, the labor cost in Malaysia is still low. For this reason, there are a number of companies in Malaysia that manufacture air filters that you can buy internationally.

There are different kinds of air filters. Of course, there are the air cleaners that you use in your car to make sure the air taken in by the engine is clean. When purchasing, you should look out for whether the filter can be cleaned and reused. You should also see what kind of warranty the filter has. Also, make sure you purchase a filter that is appropriate for your particular vehicle.

Air filters are also needed to run large gas turbines. Some companies in Malaysia provide full service for these applications. They will refurbish and service your current filtration system. Or they will provide technical advice on improvements in design. One factor that must be considered in heavy-duty applications is weather. Louvers are often used to prevent water from entering the filter when it rains. If you are looking for such a service, it's best to find a company that is ISO 9000 certified.

When air is compressed in manufacturing applications, it often needs to be filtered. This is because compressing concentrates the impurities in the air. Different kinds of filters can be used to remove these impurities. Some possibilities include: Carbon Filters, Coalescing Filters, Coarse Filters, High Temperature Filters, and, Particulate Filters. The filter industry in Malaysia has developed to such an extent that manufacturers for all these types can be found.

In general, industrial air filters are used to reduce the number of particles in the air to reach a certain cleanliness standard. Different industrial uses can have vastly different requirements. In some cases, all that's needed is to keep lint and dust from plugging up heating or cooling coils (like for your refrigerator or dryer). In other cases, such as microchip manufacture, the filter must remove particles as small as one ten-millionth of a meter, which could cause a short circuit on microchips.

With the variety of Industrial applications, there is a huge variety of air filter configurations, such as box filters, bag filters, HEPA or ULPA filters, fan filters, panel filters, filter media, and pre-filters. Materials used for industrial air filters include activated carbon, acrylic, electrostatic fabric, aluminum wire screen, paper, fiberglass, polyester, and polyurethane foam. Filters also vary in their capacity, and the volume of airflow they can handle. Some filters can be washed and reused.

A number of performance parameters must be considered when choosing an industrial air filter. These include efficiency, porosity, dimensions of the filter, and ply. Usually there are standard ratings for each of these factors. The different ratings available can accommodate a huge variety of industrial uses.

Most Malaysian companies are young, and they are eager to make their mark. So they have cut-rate pricing and aggressive marketing. If you need to buy an air filter, chances are that you can get a good deal with an Malaysian air filter.

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