Elements of Well-Designed Websites

Elements of Well-Designed Websites

A good web site design gives an array of benefits for your business. It is not just about all the graphics and content; colors and functions. More than that, good design web sites work so that your company is well-presented in the corporate environment. A good web site serves as your business alter ego. Your website serves as a mirror for your business. Therefore, it is really important to have a good web site design.

So what are the elements of a well-designed websites?

A website ideal for business, according to experts, should possess both appearance and functionality. Appearance helps create good impression even at a first glance. Functionality helps deliver what users want.

When it comes to 'website look' and 'functionality' you should look at the following areas:

Graphics - see to it that graphics appropriately represents your business. For instance, when it comes to color, blue is said to be a corporate color, green is for environment advocacy.

Images - studies have shown that websites having images are more appealing to readers than pages of plain text. Add appropriate images on your site that best represent your products or service.

Navigation - a well-designed website is easy to navigate. Studies suggest that visitors easily get irritated when they are directed to pages they do not want. Much more when they are landed to 404 (error). Providing a site-map page is a great help for easy navigation. Pages should also be properly organized to avoid canonical problems.

Link - aside from it's bad for search engine optimization, problems on links should be avoided because they drive away potential clients. Avoid sending your visitors to dead pages (404). It is bad for your online reputation.

Alt tags, metas - you should also be working for alt tags for optimization of images you use. Aside from that, optimizing your metas (keywords, description) also helps for search engine spiders easy crawling of pages.

The tasks above are not that complicated and can be done by most of website owners. You may want to try it too. But if you don't want to do it by yourself, you can hire a professional web designer. You can even outsource web design tasks at prices you can afford.

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