Made For Life - What Separates Boys From Real Gentleman in the Game of Seduction

I must admit, when it comes to approaching women and having a meaningful, coherent and well thought out conversation with them (women that is) which could lead to intimacy, you can throw away everything you've ever been taught about them, theory just doesn't match up to the reality, and many a guy will testify to this.

So then, what does it take to really make a lasting impression with women?
What is it, that makes some guys have all the luck, whilst all those well meaning, well healed and well mannered gentlemen out there spend the rest of their formative years cowering in the confines of their homes watching re-runs of Everybody Loves Raymond, when they could be out in the limelight dating all the lonely vivacious single women out there?

One word - Confidence!

As easy as it may sound, just what is Confidence, and why are there different levels of confidence, some levels relating to everyday situations and the others, relating to the heart thumping foot in mouth, sweaty palm situation when we're in the presence of beauty?!

I have some good news for you!

Confidence is a learned human art form, this is a start. I call Confidence an art form for, everything that requires excellence in execution, be it F1 racing, Singing, track racing to seducing only the finest women, and getting away with it, is an cannot help but to stop and marvel at the shear genius of it...even the ladies you seduce will pause for a moment to applaud your tenacity, diction and charm!

Need I say more?

So, regardless of your level of internal insecurities and aberrations pertaining to women, your actions my Dear Watson, should you choose to go ahead with the mission,are reversible, and with stupendous results guaranteed to see you possessing a harem that even the Great Sultan would be envious of!

I think we all can attest to what the lack of confidence does for one's mojo, and what kind of results tend to manifest in our lives, so I'll skip that sordid part entirely (it is after all, depressing) and concentrate instead, on creating opportunities that will put you, every single day of your waking moments, in the path of hot blooded, male depraved, pick-your-jaw-from-the-pavement pretty women that will have your Dad rethink his strategy for having married your mom!

Sound fair?

Let's delve in, shall we...

In a nutshell, Confidence is the ability to accept who you are regardless of what inabilities you may have. It is a kind of internal mindset and belief system that affects your actions, thoughts and speech. Everything you are stems from this set of beliefs! In my opinion,appearance is the single most important and fastest route to looking or feeling confident. Regardless of internal strife or discord, you can always hide your internal emotions, albeit temporarily, by dressing the part.

Your perception of yourself has an enormous impact on how others perceive you. Having spent the best part of my life in the wild and studying the big five most dangerous animals on Planet Earth, I really understand why the most vulnerable of prey gets eaten, whilst the other, more agile and enterprising game get away with murder, literally.

So too it is with men, if you act scared, not shy by the way, there's a huge difference there but, if you act scared or, if you do not have a game plan when approaching women, you can rest assured they, (like big game) will smell your fear and lack of confidence from right across the room and have their way with you!

There's nothing as pitiful as a guy with no game plan and no confidence attempting to seduce a pretty chick in a bar, or anywhere for that matter!

It's like trying to steal candy from a kid that's just realized there's sugar in candy, and sugar tastes yummy and sweet! It's just not going to happen!

Just like animals that think or reason in identities... 1=1=1, means that, past results lead to learned behavior. Once you're whipped, each time you approach another chick, past memory kicks in, and you give up...confining yourself to a life of watching re-runs of Everybody loves Raymond on basic cable!

Admitted, it's not easy to shed off fear and shame of rejection when it comes to approaching women but, we live in a highly technical environment, and at no time in the history of the Universe has there been so much information available to it self improvement to learning how to harvest syrup from Maple trees in Canada etc!

Just like the famous sneaker brand Nike, Just Do it...whatever it takes, to rid yourself of the dry spell of not having a pretty woman to show off to our peers etc. Join a gym for the women, mooch off your fraternity brothers, go to stand up comedy gigs to laugh yourself silly with other single women or guys etc... the list is not exhaustive, but you get the idea!

In the end, by looking for the best in others, you indirectly bring out the best in yourself. Instead of putting down others, why not examine yourself. Declare to yourself that "I am the best" and don't allow anyone to decrease your morale and and confidence.

Good night...

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