Olympic Games Deserve Respect and Peace

Olympic protestors invariably miss their objective because they pit one motherhood issue against another.

Ideals of International Friendship

The Olympic Games are solidly based on the ideals of mind, spirit, body and international camaraderie. In ancient Olympia fair play and friendship were promoted ahead of any other aspects of the festivals and participation was more important than winning.

Thanks to Pierre de Coubertin, who after 15 centuries revived the ancient Olympic Games, those ideals are maintained and today's athletes are also proud just to participate.

Tradition of Peace

The ancient Olympics were always held in peace thanks to the truce established by King Lycourgos of Sparta. This truce was inscribed on a metal disc displayed in a temple at Olympia. All factions of unrest in Greece were required to lay down their arms before, during and after the Festival of Games. Today's Games should be accorded the same honor because threatening violence is the antithesis of the Olympic spirit.

Today's higher costs cover things such as building the Olympic Village. In keeping with the original Olympics, where athletes trained and lived together for one month before the event and formed bonding friendships prior to competing, today's athletes make international friendships which promote peace, not discord.

Peace and Celebration

Modern day governments value the Olympic Games which bring honor, goodwill, recognition and hopefully prosperity to the host city. People will change their attitudes in favor of the games once they have enjoyed the spectacle and/or received benefits in some way. The Olympics have always been held with or without demonstrations of protest. For now peace and celebration should be the focus as it was in ancient Olympia.

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